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It’s National Weatherperson’s Day

I never knew that this even existed until a few years ago. So what is the history of the “holiday” well take a look at this rather “brief” recap. The NWS in State College has provided more of a recap though with a more thorough article.

Can We Drop Below 0° Tonight?

When you think about where we started the week, and we’re we’re heading tonight…wow! That’s why I love the weather, especially in this part of the country. While it drives many nuts, for those of us who have a passion for this stuff, it gives us lots to talk about.

We started with record highs on Monday and Tuesday then dropped yesterday and we’ve been going down ever since. We’re into the teens now and with NW winds of 20-30 MPH it feels closer to 0° with sub-zero wind chills across N MO as I type this. Skies are partly cloudy and there is a big arctic high building down through the Plains this afternoon with plenty cold air moving through. Here is the surface map showing the area of High Pressure building down.

Snowfall Totals

Well overall this “storm” has performed as expected concerning the snowfall with widespread dustings to 1″ or so reported for most areas from KC southwards and then about 1-2″ north of downtown KC up towards KCI…most of the decent accumulating snow is done now (or moving away) and now the focus for the rest of the day will be on the colder air and the gusty winds that will make that 74° day from Monday even more of a memory. Here are some snow totals reported north of the I-70 corridor. click on this image to make it more readable.

ScreenHunter_14 Jan. 30 13.36

Shooting For Record Highs

Well that “storm” was just about worthless…actually it looked pretty good on radar for awhile late last night but as the rain was moving towards KC, it was encountering drier SE winds at the surface so despite a decent look on radar, the rain was getting chewed up. that plus a weakening disturbance in the atmosphere plus the fact that it was traveling at light speed through the region, and well, disappointing rain totals. Here is a gander of dozens of rain gauges across the region. Again for the most part amounts seemed to average about .05-.10″ of rainfall. There may be some additional showers tonight and an outside chance of some additional rains when the front pulls through on Tuesday, but IF we get more than 1/3″ out of all of this, I’d be surprised. Some may be done with the rain entirely.

First let’s start on the northside.

“Some” Rain & Lots Of Warmth

Well over the past 24 hours or so some interesting things have happened in the weather world. Yesterday Chicago finally had more than 1″ of snow in a calendar day (1.1″) which means that a record has been set for the latest 1″+ of snow in a winter season that goes back 128 years and also the longest stretch of consecutive days without at least 1″ of snow (335).

Then there is our storm, which is going to be weakening and zipping by rather quickly. Temperatures for most of the area will be above freezing so we’re looking at a rain event for KC, although the amounts are not looking as healthy as one would like to see. Areas towards NE MO though, will be cold enough initially to have a period of ice and as a result a Freezing rain Advisory has been issued for NE MO.

Graphic courtesy of the NWS-Pleasant Hill

We Go Up…We Go Down

We are not charging admission for the KC Roller Coaster that we’re about to go on, although while admission is free, you still may get a bit of a tummy ache over the next 7+ days.

Lets start out with the up part of the ride. as temperatures tomorrow and Saturday should soar into the 50s. NOT record territory…in case your curious the record for tomorrow is 70° set back in 1951 and the record for Saturday is 66° set in 1906. Those are safe but it will warm up considerably over the next couple of days. Strong SW winds off the surface will bring in warmer air combined with a dose of warmer air descending from the western Plains states will allow a fast warm-up for FRI/SAT. Clouds should be at a minimum Friday before increasing SAT PM. Here is the NAM model showing the warmer air moving through the region.